• Ahead of his appearance at Cloud Expo Asia HK on May 22, Taipei’s smart city director Dr Chen-Yu Lee explains the city’s unique take on smart development.
  • 隨著雲端應用及網絡的急速發展,為 IoT (Internet of Thing)產品的茁壯成長提供了良好的基建環境。 IoT 產品的應用,被形容為主導著傳統行業能否成功數碼轉型的關鍵;特別是處於紅海戰場的服務行業,如何透過引入 IoT 產品提升顧客體驗,建立穩定的客戶關係,便成為重要的課題。已有 90 年歷史的 Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels Limited ,亦開展了一場平衡便利與私隱風險的數碼革命。
  • FinTech services are all the rage at the moment, and one reason for that is the prevalence of cloud computing platforms that enable such services. 
  • With the rise in AI & Big Data in business operations, what implications does this have for the future? And could we be at risk of losing our jobs? John Bensalhia speaks to Vidal Fernandez, Director Big Data - Innovation - CLP Holdings Ltd, to find out more...

  • Lines Of Defence

    11 Apr 2018 John Bensalhia
    How can individuals and businesses protect against cyber attacks? John Bensalhia gets answers from Cloud Expo Hong Kong 2018 speakers, Kok-Tin Gan, Chalee Vorakulpipat and Bryan So...
  • Today's new generation of tech talents are looking to stand out from the established tech veteran. John Bensalhia speaks to HEYCOINS' Eddie Rong and Rocketbots' Gerardo Salandra to find out more...
  • John Bensalhia finds out all about the concept and benefits of Industry 4.0 from HKPC's Lyan Law and Fraunhofer IPT Invention's Benny Drescher...

  • New Opportunities

    09 May 2017

    John Bensalhia speaks to Ajay Sunder, Frost & Sullivan's Vice President of Digital Transformation, and reports on the data centre services market in the Asia-Pacific region

    Pullout quote: “While business applications over Cloud still dominate the revenues, increasingly there are new opportunities for analytics as a service and offering Managed/Hybrid Cloud.”

  • Fostering Innovation

    26 Apr 2017 Albert Wong

    Ahead of his appearance at Cloud Expo Asia Keynote Theatre 2017, HKSTP CEO Albert Wong talks to John Bensalhia about the facilities and offerings of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

    Pullout quote: “Hong Kong has great input for innovation and technology, including our education, R&D capability, mature and international business environment, and proximity to the biggest markets in the world.”

  • The State Of Play

    26 Apr 2017 Dicky Wong

    What is the current situation with respect to cyber security in Hong Kong?  John Bensalhia speaks to Dicky Wong of the Hong Kong Police Force to find out...

    Pullout quote:  “Businesses and individuals should keep up to date with the cyber security trends and from time to time should ensure that their defence system is also up to date.”

  • Banking On The Cloud

    24 Apr 2017 John Bensalhia
    John Bensalhia speaks to Welcome Chan, Security Manager of Wing Lung Bank Ltd, to look at how the Cloud and other digital services can benefit the financial and banking sectors...
  • The Micro Universe
  • Taking On The Disruptors

    21 Apr 2017 Chee Keong Law
    John Bensalhia talks to Google Cloud's Chee Keong Law about his forthcoming talk at Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2017 on tackling digital disruptors
  • Security-Conscious

    06 Apr 2017 Sergio M. Ceniza
    Sergio M. Ceniza of First Metro Investment Corporation talks to John Bensalhia about the ongoing battle that businesses are facing against cyber attacks
  • Home Help

    06 Apr 2017 Yongki Rachmat Santoso
    Technology is changing our lives in spheres such as health, school, transport – and also the home. Yongki Rachmat Santoso talks to John Bensalhia about the possibilities & benefits of te Smart home..
  • If banks are to stay in the competition and continue to provide top services, then financial technology is a must ? Emil Chan explains why to John Bensalhia...

  • Cloud In The Planet

    21 Apr 2016
    John Bensalhia meets Darragh Kennedy, who will be presenting his forthcoming session on Lonely Planet's progress to 100% Cloud at the Cloud Expo Asia event this May.
  • Making The Transfer

    21 Apr 2016
    HDS' Lewis Winning talks about the importance, benefits and challenges of transferring to the Cloud. John Bensalhia reports.
  • Maximising Potential

    21 Apr 2016

    Isaac Wong of Infinera talks to John Bensalhia about the possibilities afforded by Optical Networking with respect to the Hybrid Cloud

  • How can the Cloud drive forward digital transformation for businesses? Aman Garg, Barclays' Vice President, Business Transformation Lead APAC, explains all to John Bensalhia...
  • What's in Store

    23 Mar 2016

    Storing growing levels of unstructured data is an issue that no company or business can ignore, as Wayne Moy explains to John Bensalhia...

  • Cloud Forecasts

    23 Mar 2016
    Chris Levanes discusses the benefits of Cloud technologies for businesses and looks ahead to what the future holds for this industry. John Bensalhia reports...
  • Policing The System

    23 Mar 2016
    John Bensalhia talks to Allan S. Cabanlong about cybersecurity management in the Philippines and how these can help prevent potential cyber threats.
  • Care Assistance

    23 Mar 2016
    How is the Internet of Things assisting the healthcare sector? Group CIO for Max Healthcare, Sumit Puri, explains how to John Bensalhia...

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Testimonials - Exhibitor

  • We have been here from the beginning. It is one of the largest tech events in Hong Kong so it is a really good platform to promote our presence. The traffic is good and quality of visitors is better than last year, and there are more quality exhibitor here too.
  • We obtained quite a lot of leads last year and we would like to target new audience other than enterprises and to gain more awareness among the SMB segment. Overall it has been a positive experience!
  • We have seen strong football to our stand over the last two days at Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong. Events like this are an important brand awareness activity for us.
    Google Cloud
  • There are a lot of people having questions in their minds and they want to find answers here. We are bringing our answers to our clients so this is a very good platform that we can interact with our clients.
    TIBCO Software
  • We have really enjoyed hosting seminars on our stand this year - some talks attracted almost 70 people! It is a great opportunity to let the audience know the latest information and promote our offerings, innovations and business intelligence.
  • It is precious to have such an enormous Cloud event in Hong Kong because it gathers the majority of vendors and clients in Hong Kong, allowing us to meet various vendors and partners. We would absolutely attend the event next year.
    Crestron North East Asia
  • The audience traffic has been good over both days allowing us to generate many potential leads, particularly with system integrators and the ICT industry.
  • This is a wonderful event on cloud innovations, with a good combination of technology. I have met with many people who I could see myself working together with on pilot projects.
    Dr Chen-Yu Lee
    Director of Taipei Smart City Project Management Office
  • It’s fantastic – everything from analytics through to data centre and it is really interesting to see other parts of technology that I don’t necessarily work with. Some of the talks that I’ve been to are really eye-opening and not the usual presentations.
    Torquill Pagdin
    Director Technology (Data Engineering) - – an Expedia Group Brand
  • Nice to spend a day among the professionals in the field. Great event planning and experience. I love the network building opportunities and some in-depth discussions with fellow leaders in the market. Many thanks to the organizer had provided us a playground to showcase our products.
    Dr. Raymond Chen
    IT Director of Limited
  • Very interesting speaking sessions, realistic case studies, questions and answers are very practical and useful to the audience.
    Norikazu Takahashi
    Board Director of The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC)
  • It was very interesting to hear some of the conversations happening at the booths. There was also a good mix of tech-focused and digital roadmaps talks. This is the event for tech leaders to come together and talk about what are the best technologies for cloud and what suits their business needs.
    Anita Varshney
    Vice President, Strategy and Innovation - SAP Next-Gen
  • It is my first time to Cloud Expo, a fresh and wonderful experience. I believe such great events will help firms boost their digital transformation and achieve success in the age of customer.
    Forrester Research
  • This is my first time joining the exhibition. I came from Shenzhen with my group. We came here to understand the current tech trends and developments. The conference topics are interesting and leave me eager to find out more. I look forward to joining next year as well.
  • This is the second time I have visited Cloud Expo Asia; I am still very excited by the new information and new IT trends that I can access here. Big data is one of the most debated topics here and I have received many updates on industry news today. I will definitely visit again and recommend this great event to the others.
    JP Morgan
  • I have been a huge fan of Cloud Expo Asia over the past few years, witnessing its improvement right from the start. The show grows from strength to strength each year. I will be sure to come again to keep tabs on more new trends in the future.