26 Apr 2017

Fostering Innovation

Albert Wong

Ahead of his appearance at Cloud Expo Asia Keynote Theatre 2017, HKSTP CEO Albert Wong talks to John Bensalhia about the facilities and offerings of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

Pullout quote: “Hong Kong has great input for innovation and technology, including our education, R&D capability, mature and international business environment, and proximity to the biggest markets in the world.”

Data collaborative applications will be on the agenda at Cloud Expo Asia's Keynote Theatre this May. Presenting a talk on this subject will be Albert Wong, CEO of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.

“While many organisations have started its IoT transformation and generate enormous business data in every second, little of it has been aggregated, analysed and used to enhance efficiency,” says Albert. “At the same time, software developers lack channels to access data owners and datasets.”

One notable initiation of HKSTP is the Data Studio @SP project which bridges data owners and developers for collaborative data applications. “We encourage organisations to share data through our secured portal, where software developer community can innovate and build applications that benefit data owners, developers and users at the same time.”

Data Studio @SP is also a strategic move for Hong Kong to develop its data ecosystem. “We are actively reaching out to data owners and assist them to overcome the technical barrier for data sharing,” explains Albert. “This will unleash the socio-economic benefit in business data and create value for the community.”  An engineer by training, Albert has been in this field for his whole career. Prior to joining HKSTP, Albert spent 15 years in General Electric and most of the time in China. He joined HKSTP as Chief Corporate Development Officer in February 2016 and was appointed CEO six months later.

“My mission here is to build an ecosystem in Hong Kong to drive development in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” explains Albert. “The ecosystem will help start-ups to succeed, create jobs, generate economic value for Hong Kong and solve the challenges we are facing.”

Albert believes that building new industries around technological innovation is critical for Hong Kong’s sustainable growth. “The innovation and technology industry will provide alternative opportunities,” he says. “Something other than the service industries – to our younger generation. Hong Kong has great input for innovation and technology, including our education, R&D capability, mature and international business environment, and proximity to the biggest markets in the world.”

“What we need to do in HKSTP is to catalyse the R&D commercialisation process and turn more great ideas and research results into solutions and products that bring social and economic benefits to mankind.”

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation is a statutory body, owned by HKSAR Government, to manage Hong Kong Science Park, InnoCentre and three Industrial Estates in Hong Kong. “Our core mission is to foster a vibrant innovation and technology ecosystem in Hong Kong for technological businesses and start-ups to succeed which in turn empowers the city’s diversified economic growth and societal development,” says Albert.

Hong Kong Science Park houses more than 630 technology enterprises from electronics, ICT, biomedical technology, green technology and materials and precision engineering. “We also run one of the largest technology incubators in town with over 260 incubatee companies in programme,” adds Albert. “By clustering enterprises of different size, expertise and stage of development, Science Park is the largest R&D community in Hong Kong for like-minded talents who all aim at developing innovative products and solutions that bring socio-economic benefit.”

HKSTP identified three technology application platforms: namely Healthy Ageing, Robotics and Smart Cities: “Where the technology start-up community, businesses and industrial stakeholders can join hands to develop and apply innovative technology and noble ideas, turning them into products and solutions that will solve the problems and challenges we are faced with,” says Albert.

First up is the Healthy Ageing application platform. In 2016, Hong Kong has 16.6% of population that are aged 65 or above, but by 2041, that percentage is due to grow to 32%. “The increasingly senile population brings stress to our labour force, healthcare service provision and living quality.,” says Albert. “Technology plays a vital role in helping our elderly people age healthily, actively and independently.”

Recently, the “Smart Living @ Science Park – Ageing in Place” exhibition was opened to demonstrate various technology applications in daily living, health monitoring, home safety and rehabilitation for elderly people in a home environment. “Moreover, we have over 80 biomedical technology companies in Science Park working on the R&D of preventive medicine, therapeutics, nutrition and rehabilitation, all making considerable impact to the way we live and age.”

The second of the technology application platforms, Robotics, covers a wide range of core technologies including sensors, actuators, artificial intelligence, computer vision, connectivity, power electronics and many more.

“Robotics plays a key role in advanced manufacturing, industrial automation and new modes of services,” says Albert. “The “Robotics Garage” in Science Park is a makerspace to provide equipment and training to early-stage entrepreneurs to create their prototype and validate concept. We have also hosted the first EVTech Hackathon last year where developers spent 10 days together to build the first 100% “Built and Designed in Hong Kong” concept electric vehicle.”

Finally, there is Smart Cities. “Hong Kong is one of the densest cities in the world,” comments Albert. “Our focus is to enhance mobility, sustainability and liveability through big data. While Smart Cities cover a wide spectrum of applications, a data ecosystem is the core and critical component for innovators to develop solutions for any industries and purposes.”

HKSTP launched the Data Studio @SP earlier this year to encourage business data owners to share data for collaboration with software developers. “We will organise thematic competitions to stimulate data innovations to tackle various city challenges during the year.”

In terms of nurturing talents, HKSTP runs a series of start-up support programmes to help technology entrepreneurs to turn idea into commercial reality. “We encounter entrepreneurs from various stages,” explains Albert. “Some come with an idea to realise, some have a prototype and formulating its business model, and even some with mature products who wants to scale up.”

Besides office space, HKSTP provides different programmes and value added services to accommodate their business needs, including Incubation Programmes, LEAP (Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme), angel and VC investment matching, and a marketing outreach programme called “Technologies from Science Park”.

HKSTP hosted the first in Asia “Elevator World Tour TM” in Oct 2016, where 100 start-ups took 60-second in the elevator of ICC to pitch for US$120,000 seed investment. “It was an exciting occasion to see many like-minded individuals as well as prospective projects gather and exchange,” comments Albert. Meanwhile, in March 2017, the “SciTech Challenge 2017” was also introduced: a strategic collaboration amongst HKSTP, Arrow Electronics and Indiegogo to turn participants’ idea into products, crowd-fund for support and eventually, manufacture and ship them.

“Arrow Electronics provides engineering expertise in prototype development and manufacturing, while Indiegogo contributes insight to sales and marketing especially on a crowd funding platform,” says Albert.

“Winners and high potential finalists are welcome to join HKSTP’s Incubation Programmes for further development and scale up their businesses.”

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Testimonials - Exhibitor

  • We have been here from the beginning. It is one of the largest tech events in Hong Kong so it is a really good platform to promote our presence. The traffic is good and quality of visitors is better than last year, and there are more quality exhibitor here too.
  • We obtained quite a lot of leads last year and we would like to target new audience other than enterprises and to gain more awareness among the SMB segment. Overall it has been a positive experience!
  • We have seen strong football to our stand over the last two days at Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong. Events like this are an important brand awareness activity for us.
    Google Cloud
  • There are a lot of people having questions in their minds and they want to find answers here. We are bringing our answers to our clients so this is a very good platform that we can interact with our clients.
    TIBCO Software
  • We have really enjoyed hosting seminars on our stand this year - some talks attracted almost 70 people! It is a great opportunity to let the audience know the latest information and promote our offerings, innovations and business intelligence.
  • It is precious to have such an enormous Cloud event in Hong Kong because it gathers the majority of vendors and clients in Hong Kong, allowing us to meet various vendors and partners. We would absolutely attend the event next year.
    Crestron North East Asia
  • The audience traffic has been good over both days allowing us to generate many potential leads, particularly with system integrators and the ICT industry.
  • This is a wonderful event on cloud innovations, with a good combination of technology. I have met with many people who I could see myself working together with on pilot projects.
    Dr Chen-Yu Lee
    Director of Taipei Smart City Project Management Office
  • It’s fantastic – everything from analytics through to data centre and it is really interesting to see other parts of technology that I don’t necessarily work with. Some of the talks that I’ve been to are really eye-opening and not the usual presentations.
    Torquill Pagdin
    Director Technology (Data Engineering) - – an Expedia Group Brand
  • Nice to spend a day among the professionals in the field. Great event planning and experience. I love the network building opportunities and some in-depth discussions with fellow leaders in the market. Many thanks to the organizer had provided us a playground to showcase our products.
    Dr. Raymond Chen
    IT Director of Limited
  • Very interesting speaking sessions, realistic case studies, questions and answers are very practical and useful to the audience.
    Norikazu Takahashi
    Board Director of The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC)
  • It was very interesting to hear some of the conversations happening at the booths. There was also a good mix of tech-focused and digital roadmaps talks. This is the event for tech leaders to come together and talk about what are the best technologies for cloud and what suits their business needs.
    Anita Varshney
    Vice President, Strategy and Innovation - SAP Next-Gen
  • It is my first time to Cloud Expo, a fresh and wonderful experience. I believe such great events will help firms boost their digital transformation and achieve success in the age of customer.
    Forrester Research
  • This is my first time joining the exhibition. I came from Shenzhen with my group. We came here to understand the current tech trends and developments. The conference topics are interesting and leave me eager to find out more. I look forward to joining next year as well.
  • This is the second time I have visited Cloud Expo Asia; I am still very excited by the new information and new IT trends that I can access here. Big data is one of the most debated topics here and I have received many updates on industry news today. I will definitely visit again and recommend this great event to the others.
    JP Morgan
  • I have been a huge fan of Cloud Expo Asia over the past few years, witnessing its improvement right from the start. The show grows from strength to strength each year. I will be sure to come again to keep tabs on more new trends in the future.