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22 - 23 MAY 2019, HKCEC, HONG KONG


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Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IoT
  • Data Centre World

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UDomain - Smart Connect to China

25 Apr 2018 UDomain Web Hosting Company Limited

UDomain DDoS Protection Service (Best China Routing) – your best shield against cyberattacks and smart solution to connect to the China market!


Corporations who are not cautious enough to cybersecurity are vulnerably exposed to all kinds of cyberattacks! Among them, DDoS is a popular kind of attacks, especially in China.  It is accomplished by flooding the targeted machine or resource with superfluous requests in an attempt to overload systems and prevent some or all legitimate requests from being fulfilled. As the traffic flooding is originated from diversified sources, it is difficult to completely stop an attack.


UDomain DDoS Protection Service (Best China Routing) provides auto-detection and full protection against these cyberattacks and ensure unimpeded connection to China!


Strength of the UDomain DDoS Protection Service (Best China Routing):

Scrubbing Center located in Asia secures Low Latency

UDomain invested a scrubbing center in Asia to handle and combat attacks on network traffic. With its next-generation carrying network CN2 enterprise-class routing to China, which operates with latency as low as 12ms, it offers full protection and performance-optimized network to China end users. 


Ring Network connected to 5 Data Centers

Ring network infrastructure interconnected with 5 data centers enhances seamless data transfer and disaster recovery function capabilities as well as performance optimization.


BGP Peering with the HK major ISPs and multinational companies

Peering with PCCW Global, NTT, Hutchison, China Telecom, HKIX, HKBN, iCable, 3HK, WTT HK Limited and Google, the system can intelligently monitor connection status and automatically switch to the optimal line in order to achieve server connectivity at 99.99%. With UDomain's exclusive China bandwidth guarantee, accelerated connection to China remains uninterrupted even under attacks.


Double-layer Filtering Technology 

With our Intelligent Identification Technology, attacks will be distributed across different regions results in instant relief to traffic surges. Combining dual-vendor anti-DDoS solution provides all-round protection wherever attacks from China or the rest of the world. Our integrated defense system offers 24x7x365 round-the-clock monitoring and blocks malicious activities and intrusions.


About UDomain

Founded in 1998, UDomain is one of the leading internet solution companies in the Great China region.  We offer robust infrastructure, high-speed network, cutting-edge technologies plus award-winning customer services. Our elite team of Internet specialists provides integrated cloud solution, China solution (including ICP-Free China CDN, DDoS Protection, China-HK SSL VPN, ChinaNet CN2, etc), comprehensive cybersecurity services and other internet services to over 20,000 corporations of different scales. 


Robust Network Backbone Infrastructure

  • 100Gb bandwidth with direct access to Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) and 30Gb China / International bandwidth to achieve high speed & stable connectivity
  • Dedicated data centers with Tier III+ International standard, 100% security control and high efficiency power supply
  • Connect the world with quality bandwidth linked to top-tier international suppliers; connect to China via top 3 national suppliers in China as well as China Mobile's network
  • BGP Ring Network interconnecting 5 major data centers with BGP independent data transfer. There is no need to change IP address; the best available routes will be chosen automatically and the connection is protected with auto failover and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Mitigation Center is located in Asia to provide best China routing to shield against China traffic attacks


Supreme Quality Customer Services & Technical Support

  • 24-hour Manned Technical Support Hotline with on-the-spot trouble shooting
  • 24-hour Manned Server Monitoring
  • Reliable high speed connection with 99.99% top level uptime guarantee


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