Cloud Expo Europe London

22 - 23 MAY 2019, HKCEC, HONG KONG


Co-Located With:

  • Cloud & Cyber Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IOT London
  • Data Centre World

Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IoT
  • Data Centre World

Exhibitor News

Don’t be left in the dark! HIKVISION DarkFighterX

13 Apr 2018 by: Yandy Law @ WECL Welfare Electronic Component Limited

Of all known crimes, 70% happen at night, hidden under cover of darkness. As known by everyone, traditional security feeds at are black and white, blur and vague at night, not to mention recognizing faces and triggering alarm.
However, what if there is a security camera which is able to give a clear and sharp image in the lowest light so that faces are much sharper and easier to recognize and surroundings are much clearer to see? As well as giving alert to security personnel before an event occurs?

Hikvision's DarkFighterX Series technology takes color to the max by taking inspiration from the way the human eye works and one of the camera (iDS-2DF8225IH-A) has won a GIT Award 2018 in Category C – CCTV, Video Security. The DarkFighterX cameras take information from an IR sensor (for brightness) and information from a visible light sensor (for color) and combines them to provide the best of both worlds – one bright full-color image right down to the lowest light level of 0.001 lux. This series is at the cutting edge of security technology and are particularly useful in applications that require 24h full-colour images like parks, forests, railways and ports.

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