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Co-located with the award-winning Cloud Expo Asia, which recorded 12,838* attendees in its third edition in North Asia (+155% compared with 2016)

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♦  Auditing Professionals
♦  Chief Information Security Consultants
♦  CISO/Chief Information Security Officers
♦  Compliance/Legal Officers
♦  Computer Security Incident Responders
♦  Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
♦  Enterprise Internet of Things
♦  Enterprise Mobility Management
♦  Finance/Purchasing
♦  Governance Officers
♦  Heads of IT Security
♦  Information Security Assurance Analysts
♦  Information Security Officers
♦  IT Forensics/Computer Crime

♦  IT Management
♦  IT Security & Privacy
♦  IT Security Engineers
♦  IT Security Professionals
♦  Legal Professionals
♦  Network/Infrastructure Management 
♦  Outsourcing and Systems Integrators  
♦  Penetration Testers
♦  Principal Cyber Security Managers 
♦  Principal Information Assurance Officers 
♦  Regional Information Security Analysts 
♦  Research & Product Development 
♦  Risk Management 
♦  Security Administrators

♦  Security Analysts 
♦  Security Architects 
♦  Security Consultant/Specialists 
♦  Security Engineers 
♦  Security Software Developers 
♦  Security Systems Administrators 
♦  Senior Information
♦  Security Assurance Consultant 
♦  Senior Information
♦  Security Risk Officers 
♦  Senior IT Security Consultants 
♦  Senior IT Security Operations
♦  Specialist 
♦  Systems Design/Software Engineering




speaker from udomain

Chris Chan
Head of Cyber Security Research

speaker from kroll
Paul Jackson

Managing Director, APAC Cyber Risk Practice Leader

Tony Lam

Deputy Privacy Commissioner
Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong

Jeff Chau

Director, Digital Transformation

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  1. Breaking into popular php framework
    Cybersecurity Track

    PHP Framework makes development easier as it provides a basic structure of web applications. Using PHP framework developer can build applications faster with predefined code. Some PHP frameworks have put security into consideration which those predefined functions can help to reduce risk from insecure programming code. In this sharing, we will show an analysis of a popular PHP framework and how attackers can exploit the victim server. We will also demonstrate how to take over victim server with those vulnerabilities.

  2. Blockchain: the Amazing Solution for Almost Nothing
    Fintech Track

    Blockchain is probably the most misunderstood of all digital technologies in history. Many people only associate Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies with blockchain technology, but they are missing out on everything. There is a completely different world in enterprise-grade blockchain solutions: this is a world where privacy, security, and trust brings forth new opportunities that would otherwise be unrealisable; a world that business leaders would neglect at their own peril when their rivals invest into new infrastructure for reducing risk and accelerating growth; a world into which we shall provide a glimpse into during this short talk, so that you may start thinking about how blockchain may drive business value and the bottom line.

  3. Organisation-wide Data Hack – The Hacker Hub Roundtable Discussion
    Cybersecurity Track

    An intentional attack was made on a large enterprise with more than 2,000 employees, which resulted in a large scale data breach during the attack. The attack which was purposefully carried out by an organised group of hackers who were still able to successfully hack into the system despite the controls in place. We invite four companies to share how artificial intelligence can play a vital role in cyber security and how it could have helped  minimise the recovery time after the attack occurred. 

  4. A CISOs Manual: Protecting Your Organisation Amidst the Evolution of Cyber Attacks
    Cybersecurity Track

    The impression that one`s organisation will never be targeted or fall prey to cyber-attacks should not be the mind-set of CISOs. There has been an increasing rise in the number of cyber-attacks and threats that organisation around the globe are facing and this is a daunting occurrence. This session will highlight how cyber-attacks have the potential to compromise an organisations’ key infrastructure, better adopt risk management, understand better what to expect and how to adapt to the changing risk landscape in this digital era. 

  5. CTG Digital-ICT Solutions
    Cloud Strategies Track

    CTG Digital-ICT Solutions which consists of secure Cloud-Connectivity, Security, Data Management and Managed Cloud  Services can fulfil your needs on  IT infrastructure setup, operational optimization, cost-saving and revenue-driven. 


    In this session, CTG’s cloud expert will share with you the challenges on different cloud adoption stages in current business environment and how CTG’s one-stop and cost-effective Digital-ICT solutions create IT values to your customers and business partners in the global market.

  6. Key of Hybrid & Multi Cloud Strategies - CONNECTIVITY
    Cloud Strategies Track

    Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud have become the new norm among enterprises. These hot off the fire Cloud strategies did not only come with more business value for enterprises but also new challenges, such as Cloud management, security, connectivity and monitoring.


    With connectivity and Cloud Management being the key to accelerating enterprises’ deployment and connection of Clouds, this session will be demonstrating advance options of Cloud Connectivity. We will be focusing on Cloud Connect and SD-WAN, the use case of the above solutions and how CMI adds value to enterprises' Cloud journey and enables their Cloud strategy in Go Global and Go China.

  7. A single unified cloud integration platform – how does it work?
    Cloud Strategies Track

    A single unified cloud integration platform combines multi-enterprise integration capabilities with modern, microservices architecture as well as data visualisation technologies. This unification provides a more efficient way to move information between organisations' enterprise applications, and across an external B2B ecosystem, with customers and partners. It is also the true essence of collaboration and security as businesses can engaged managed services, external contractors, and internal stakeholders in a single controlled environment. 


    Join OpenText to understand how unifying technologies under a single platform can help today's organisations face a new reality and new business relationships amid unstable global markets.

  8. Security Microservices – a new trend
    Cybersecurity Track

    Security microservices are microservices that provide security functionality, such as encryption and authentication, to calling applications. A wide range of ‘serverless’ microservices, typically via RESTful web-services APIs, are becoming common in the Cloud and in internal architectures. They bring rich functionality to multiple disparate applications, relieving these individual applications from having to create dedicated infrastructure for various functionality. This is increasingly also true of security services, including Hardware Security Module (HSM) based services. One important benefit is improved security, because strong security functionality is more readily available for applications to easily consume. This talk will include discussion of some specific examples of security microservices.

  9. Embrace SASE with Cisco Approach to drive security in cloud
    Cybersecurity Track

    Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offers an alternative to traditional data center-oriented security. It unifies networking and security services into a cloud-delivered service to provide access and security from edge to edge — including the data center, remote offices, roaming users, and beyond. By consolidating point solutions in one service, SASE can offer better protection and faster performance. 

  10. Beyond BloodHound: Who let the dogs out?
    Cybersecurity Track

    The year is 2014, the place in France. Researchers from ANSII (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems) present a research paper detailing a new and unique approach using graph theory to map Active Directory security. This research was then used by third parties to develop BloodHound. Fast forward 6 years and the same researchers responsible for this initial research have gone above and beyond to explore strange new AD worlds where no one has gone before. Join us as we explore some of the advanced AD security issues that can only be seen via continuous AD graph theory!

  11. The Realities of Incident Response
    Cybersecurity Track

    2020 has seen a surge in cyber security breaches requiring incident response. This presentation will look at what is driving this surge and will also provide insights (based on experience of handling numerous IR matters across APAC) on the realities of managing an incident. What are the common missteps made during an incident and how organisations can be better prepared for a crisis. This will be supported by stories from the trenches.


  12. Panel discussion - Strategies in Multi-cloud: Failure detection and Prediction
    Cloud Strategies Track

    Many businesses pursue multi-cloud strategies due to the flexibility and scalability this approach promises. However, using various types of cloud can make monitoring and management more difficult. In this panel, we will discuss the challenges of multi-cloud management and how you can navigate the complex environment and adopt a winning strategy to monitor your multi-cloud and detect failure before it ever happens to prevent data loss or other troubles.


    • Why multi-cloud?
    • Do companies usually take a holistic approach or ad hoc adoption to multi-cloud?
    • Considerations and challenges in managing and monitoring multi-cloud..
    • How can businesses overcome these challenges?
    • What types of security controls and practices are important?
  13. Real World Incident Handling: Case Study, Lesson Learnt and Defense Solutions
    Cybersecurity Track

    We have dealt with several incidents recently on various attacks for tens of billions of turnover MNC companies. We will briefly talk about those incidents and discuss what kind of solutions and defenses we have adopted, or those that the customer did not engage thus unable to detect the threat. Incident Overview:

    1. Hacking from External Network into Internal Network Infrastructure

    2. Suspicious User Behavior Analytics (Including running suspicious and cracked software, unreasonable login/logout frequency, user account never logout, etc.)

    3. Phishing Website, Social Engineering and Malware Attack

  14. The Next Generation of Digital Transformation: Are You Ready?
    Cybersecurity Track

    The agility and speed that come with digital transformation are vital and crucial in today’s digital economy. It is believed that the COVID-19 crisis has significantly accelerated the shift to digital and fundamentally shaken up the business landscape. Digital transformation would be going on deeper and wider across various sectors. However, any incompetence of cybersecurity knowledge, awareness, IT budget & resources or best practices would incur possible negative impacts such as data breach, malware and ransomware attacks. In this sharing, you will get not only insights about suggestions on holistic planning but also the necessary cybersecurity measures, making you well-prepared for the next wave of digital transformation.

  15. Data privacy management: Making data your safe asset
    Keynote Track

    Data is said to have replaced oil as the most valuable resource in today's data economy. Meanwhile, data security incidents are increasingly common, harming individuals' personal data privacy, disrupting organisations' operations, causing financial loss and reputation damage. This session will provide organisations with pointers on data privacy management to ensure that data remains as their safe asset. 

  16. Embracing Multi-Cloud with Security, Performance & Manageability by Cisco Technology
    Cloud Strategies Track
  17. (ISC)² Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP®) Clinic
    Cybersecurity Track

    The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP®) certification is a globally recognised accreditation that demonstrates an individual’s ability to secure cloud computing environments. The CCSP helps cloud architects, engineers and technicians demonstrate their cloud security expertise, and in doing so is a proven way to advance your career, maximize your earning potential, and stand tall amongst your peers. 


    The CCSP is a vendor agnostic credential administered by (ISC)² , the globally recognised non-profit cybersecurity association and certification body.


    Please join the (ISC)² Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Clinic to learn:


    • What is the CCSP 

    • Cloud market growth and career opportunities in Cloud Security 

    • Why you should consider the CCSP certification

    • How to earn the CCSP: guidelines and tips to create your plan


    The Clinic also includes a Q&A session for you to ask any questions to support your certification journey.

  18. AI-enabled converged network management-as-a-service
    Cloud Strategies Track

    Network performance and security are the top concerns of network managers, but the dynamic and increasingly unpredictable nature of today’s networks is creating new blind spots and makes it harder and harder to deliver on this requirement. With a cloud-based network management framework, administrators can manage and monitor their entire network—from network elements such as Wi-Fi access points and switches, to users, applications and client devices—with a single web portal. Managers can access this portal from anywhere, a crucial feature in a COVID-19 world. Typically delivered as a SaaS subscription, cloud-managed network relieves IT managers from mundane tasks, such as provisioning new devices or updating software. The most advanced offerings incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide network visibility and insight, and to recommend steps for optimizing network performance. In this session, we will discuss whether this is the right fit for your organization and how it can help offload your network management work. 

  19. Introduction to Proactive Prevention
    Cybersecurity Track

    Despite continued infosec investments, data breaches continue while companies contend with complicated security architectures composed of disconnected technologies that produce mountains of non-actionable data. A renewed focus on prevention may hold the answer.

    Security architecture can be broken down into three main elements: Prevention, Detection and Remediation. Prevention should be considered the most strategically important defense element, as by default good true time zero prevention dramatically reduces latency, risks and operational costs of the security structure as a whole. As advanced threats evolve and data center transformation forces enterprise teams to consolidate security, the need for faster, easier and more deterministic threat prevention is essential, thus corporations need to consider a purpose-built stack of true prevention capabilities, that isn't available in a singular off-the-shelf solution, and add Detection based tools, which by definition have a huge latency, false alerts and are cost prohibitive, where and when appropriate, but not as a prevention tool.

  20. Using unstructured data to build effective threat intelligence programs
    Cybersecurity Track

    Nearly all news and reporting on cyber threat activity takes place outside of an organization’s perimeter. Whilst information is widely accessible, very few organizations have the tools or the personnel to effectively act on it. Without the capacity to discover, understand and respond to external cyber threats, every organization is at risk of being compromised. This virtual seminar will shine a light on the benefits of using technology that collects and analyses unstructured data to deliver contextualized strategic threat intelligence. The discussion will highlight a number of threat intelligence case studies to show how the technology enables security and intelligence teams to stay ahead of the curve and detect, understand and act on threats more efficiently.

    • Practitioner Sharing
    Rethinking Security within DevOps
    Developer Track

    Everyone wants to shift security left, but how? The rapid and iterative nature of Agile and DevOps creates unique challenges for traditional security programs. Security is often force fitted towards the end of the software development process and doesn't fit an iterative, agile development cycle. Learn how you can improve your security risk posture by embedding security within your SDLC and empowering developers to accelerate software development.


Track sponsors:

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EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS TO BE SECURED - In the face of malicious global cyberattacks, every aspect of your business needs to be secured with confidence.

  • Application Security as a Service

  • Application Security Testing

  • Cloud Access Security Brokers

  • Cloud Encryption Gateways

  • Cloud Managed File Transfer Services

  • Cloud Management Platforms

  • Cloud Security Frameworks

  • Cloud Services Brokerage

  • Cloud Testing Tools and Services

  • Cloud-Based Recovery Services

  • Cloud-Based Security Services

  • Compliance

  • Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention

  • Control

  • Data Centre Storage Encryption

  • Email Encryption

  • Email security services



  • Encryption as a Service

  • Encryption technologies

  • Federated Identity Management

  • High-Assurance Hypervisors

  • High-Assurance Public Identity Providers

  • Hypervisor Security Protection

  • IaaS Container Encryption

  • IAM

  • IAM Managed and Hosted Services

  • IDaaS

  • Identity-Proofing Services

  • Mobile Device Management Services

  • OAuth

  • OpenID Connect

  • Persona Management

  • Phone-as-a-Token Authentication Methods 

  • Private Cloud Computing

  • Secure Web Gateways

  • Security Intelligence Engines

  • SIEM as a Service

  • Tokenisation

  • Virtual Data Rooms

  • Virtual Machine Recovery

  • Virtual Machine Resilience

  • Vulnerability Assessment Services

  • Web Application Firewall as a Service

  • Web Security Services

  • Website protection (Fraud, DOS)


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Testimonials - Exhibitor

  • We have been here from the beginning. It is one of the largest tech events in Hong Kong so it is a really good platform to promote our presence. The traffic is good and quality of visitors is better than last year, and there are more quality exhibitor here too.
  • We obtained quite a lot of leads last year and we would like to target new audience other than enterprises and to gain more awareness among the SMB segment. Overall it has been a positive experience!
  • We have seen strong football to our stand over the last two days at Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong. Events like this are an important brand awareness activity for us.
    Google Cloud
  • There are a lot of people having questions in their minds and they want to find answers here. We are bringing our answers to our clients so this is a very good platform that we can interact with our clients.
    TIBCO Software
  • We have really enjoyed hosting seminars on our stand this year - some talks attracted almost 70 people! It is a great opportunity to let the audience know the latest information and promote our offerings, innovations and business intelligence.
  • It is precious to have such an enormous Cloud event in Hong Kong because it gathers the majority of vendors and clients in Hong Kong, allowing us to meet various vendors and partners. We would absolutely attend the event next year.
    Crestron North East Asia
  • The audience traffic has been good over both days allowing us to generate many potential leads, particularly with system integrators and the ICT industry.
  • This is a wonderful event on cloud innovations, with a good combination of technology. I have met with many people who I could see myself working together with on pilot projects.
    Dr Chen-Yu Lee
    Director of Taipei Smart City Project Management Office
  • It’s fantastic – everything from analytics through to data centre and it is really interesting to see other parts of technology that I don’t necessarily work with. Some of the talks that I’ve been to are really eye-opening and not the usual presentations.
    Torquill Pagdin
    Director Technology (Data Engineering) - – an Expedia Group Brand
  • Nice to spend a day among the professionals in the field. Great event planning and experience. I love the network building opportunities and some in-depth discussions with fellow leaders in the market. Many thanks to the organizer had provided us a playground to showcase our products.
    Dr. Raymond Chen
    IT Director of Limited
  • Very interesting speaking sessions, realistic case studies, questions and answers are very practical and useful to the audience.
    Norikazu Takahashi
    Board Director of The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC)
  • It was very interesting to hear some of the conversations happening at the booths. There was also a good mix of tech-focused and digital roadmaps talks. This is the event for tech leaders to come together and talk about what are the best technologies for cloud and what suits their business needs.
    Anita Varshney
    Vice President, Strategy and Innovation - SAP Next-Gen
  • It is my first time to Cloud Expo, a fresh and wonderful experience. I believe such great events will help firms boost their digital transformation and achieve success in the age of customer.
    Forrester Research
  • This is my first time joining the exhibition. I came from Shenzhen with my group. We came here to understand the current tech trends and developments. The conference topics are interesting and leave me eager to find out more. I look forward to joining next year as well.
  • This is the second time I have visited Cloud Expo Asia; I am still very excited by the new information and new IT trends that I can access here. Big data is one of the most debated topics here and I have received many updates on industry news today. I will definitely visit again and recommend this great event to the others.
    JP Morgan
  • I have been a huge fan of Cloud Expo Asia over the past few years, witnessing its improvement right from the start. The show grows from strength to strength each year. I will be sure to come again to keep tabs on more new trends in the future.