Cloud Expo Europe London

22 - 23 MAY 2019, HKCEC, HONG KONG


Co-Located With:

  • Cloud & Cyber Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IOT London
  • Data Centre World

Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IoT
  • Data Centre World

2018 Conference Programme


Panel discussion: Cloud Adoption: Are You on Offense, Defense or on the Sidelines?

Cloud Security Strategies & Innovations Theatre
Cloud can be perceived as a primary pillar of an organization’s journey to digital transformation, with benefits such as productivity, agility and cost-savings often the key drivers behind industry adoption. It is thus no surprise that cloud-first and cloud-by-default strategies are today a commonplace in many small-and-medium businesses, enterprises, and even governments.
The financial services industry (FSI) though traditionally challenged in its move to the cloud, with hands tied by strict regulations, has come a long way as policy gaps are gradually bridged by regulators. FSI players that do not evolve swiftly enough faces head-on disruptions from new entrants, overseas providers and many instances of non-traditional banking services.
How will cloud strategies for the FSI evolve going forward? Can FSI players still afford to sit on the sidelines? Join us as we learn about the industry’s progress to the cloud from our panel of industry leaders and experts.         
Haojie Zhuang, Director, Research - CSA APAC
Min Chee LIEW, Former Chairman, Standing Committee on Cyber Security - The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS)
Narudom Roongsiriwong, Head of IT Security - Kiatnakin Bank
Norikazu Takahashi, Board Director - The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems "FISC"
Rongjie Li, Senior Engineer - China Merchants Bank

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