Cloud Expo Europe London

22 - 23 MAY 2019, HKCEC, HONG KONG


Co-Located With:

  • Cloud & Cyber Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IOT London
  • Data Centre World

Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IoT
  • Data Centre World

2018 Conference Programme


Enterprise Series 2 of 2 - Deploying Container and DevOps

DevOps Live!
Cloud Innovations
, DevOps

DevOps is an approach to lean and agile software delivery that promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development and IT operations. Historically, development and operations, and even testing, have been siloed operations. DevOps brings them together to improve agility and reduce the time needed to address customer feedback. With continuous delivery, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring of applications, you can Respond to the market faster and build engaging user experiences; Scale DevOps successfully without disrupting your business; Build a startup culture that brings business, development and operations together.

In the past decade, businesses are accelerating its journey in Digital Transformation and onward to AI Transformation. The demand for Speed, Flexibility and for workload to run across different platforms are exponentially increasing and becoming a must-have for Business Competitiveness. The combination of Containers together with DevOps are becoming the essential ingredient towards an Agile development organization - simplifying development and release updates, speed up Dev / Test / Ops process, enabling the containerized applications to run anywhere, reducing dependency on hardware resources.

In this 2nd Enterprise Series, the Speaker will discuss, and demo :

- Containerizing an application (for Cloud Native application, and migrating existing application)
- Using a Private Cloud platform to support the Container environment
- Deploying a containerized application on a Private Cloud
- Journey through the Development, Testing, Promotion, CI/CD and Governance stages of DevOps
- Scanning customer images and containers for violations and vulnerabilities
- Migrating containerized applications across platforms

Ying-Kit Wong, IBM Cloud Platform Practice Leader - IBM Greater China

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