Cloud Expo Europe London

22 - 23 MAY 2019, HKCEC, HONG KONG


Co-Located With:

  • Cloud & Cyber Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IOT London
  • Data Centre World

Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IoT
  • Data Centre World

2018 Conference Programme


Enterprise Series 1 of 2 - Getting the Real Benefits of Container Technology

DevOps Live!

Containers allow you to run securely isolated applications, where Kubernetes manages the containers. Together, containers and Kubernetes minimize outages and disruptions through self-healing, intelligent scheduling, horizontal scaling, and load balancing. Developers can easily roll out and roll back application versions, whether they’re collaborating in dev and test environments or deploying to production. Even new application functionality is streamlined, when developers extend apps with cloud services. And so, developers spend more time coding and less time with the infrastructure. 

However, adopters have long experienced deployment challenges in aligning the business drivers & operational processes, balancing between short and long term infrastructure architecture needs, and security transparency in containerized application.

In this 1st Enterprise Series, the Speaker will explore :
- The driving force of external competition & pressure for agility
- The long and short term considerations in the Microservices architecture journey 
- What are the circumstances to use Container technology
- What are the considerations in a Container project – App Modernization vs. Cloud Native
- Setting up realistic benefits / expected outcomes

C.M. Kwong, Consulting IT Specialist, Hybrid Cloud - IBM Hong Kong

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